The Starlite Backyard Drive-in attempts to keep prices in line with most children acts such as magic shows. Our base prices include the use of screen, projection, sound system and accessories. It also includes personnel time. Staff will arrive with and set up equipment. As the Starlite Backyard drive-in is not an exhibitor you must supply the film to be shown. At present films must be in standard dvd format. It is required that the client officially starts the film but our staff will monitor the film and equipment while the film is on screen. Please note we do not use a generator so you must have access to electrcial outlets.

To accommodate clients in various cities we have set three basic prices for the equipment and time spent. Since we will travel to various cities we do have a mileage charge outside the Hamilton district area.

The base price is for the use of our services for a miximum of a 2 hour film, give or take a few minutes. We do have an extra small charge for longer films or for double features.

Reservations are made on a first-come first-serve basis and are tentative until secured with a deposit. The remaining payment is due on event day and prior to your show start. The deposit is non-refundable but in cases of cancellations due to weather or unforseen circumstances the deposit can be used towards another date. We recommend that in case of the chance of rain that the date be re-scheduled so the deposit can be used for another date. Since we use electrical equipment we obviously are unable to show a film outdoors when there is moisture in the air. Please note that if we do arrive for the presentation that the full amount is payable even if the show must be cancelled due to the weather.

Prices are based on three options. The lowest price is for Monday to Thursday, The second price is based on presentations made on Friday and Sunday. Saturday and any days of a long weekend will have a premium price. Mileage is charged as well according to our destination.

Please call for prices and more informmation. You can also send us an e-mail with name and phone number and we will contact you.