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THE STARLITE BACKYARD DRIVE-IN is an outdoor movie adventure. If you are looking to host an outdoor movie night in your backyard or in your community then you have come to the right place.
Now you can experience the outdoor drive-in movie experience in your own backyard. You can watch Hollywood movies, homemade videos, cartoons and much more in what will be a larger than life viewing.
Our portable screen fits in virtually any location and is perfect for birthday parties, senior homes, family reunions, a night with friends, weddings, corporate events, fund-raisers, trade shows and even school functions. The screen can be set up indoors in auditoriums or anywhere with a height of over 15 feet and a width of 15 feet. Our stretch screen stands 12 feet high by 12 wide. Viewing area is 9 feet high by 12 feet wide.
Now you can super-size your movie events for everyone's enjoyment. We bring a screen, projector, dvd player and sound control console with speakers. We assemble the screen and set up everything for you and then when it gets dark the film hits the screen.

With gasoline prices constantly rising, air-fares becoming more expensive, and high theme park ticket prices, getting away for the summer has certainly become more difficult these days, especially if you have a family. If you are facing discontent on the home front because of your inability to take your clan on summer vacation, why not add a little adventure and excitement at home on those warm summer nights with an outdoor home theater?

Workers in seniors and nursing homes find it difficult to take their charges to a movie theatre. One worker can only take a few at a time but when we bring the drive-in to your seniors home you can have all of them watching the movies with their families and friends. We believe that you will find it cheaper to have THE STARLITE BACKYARD DRIVE-IN come to your location rather than try to bring your charges to a theatre.

A block party movie night will bring the neighbours together for a fun night in your neighbourhood. You can all contribute to the cost, for a cheap and affordable movie night. Throw in a barbeque, popcorn, drinks and other goodies and you have a great drive-in night experience.

PLEASE NOTE: Films shown indoors in an auditorium or any indoor location can be shown in the daytime as long as any windows can be shaded if it is required.

The movie staff are not babysitters remember you are responsible for child control.
The customer is responsible for obtaining the dvd film as we are not film exhibitors. We suggest renting a film from your local video store or check with us to see if we have the film to rent to you in our library.
Since we are not exhibitors, you must start the feature film by simply pressing the start button.
You must be prepared to move objects that may interfere with set up and projection.
We can not show films if there is any chance of rain or drizzle.
We do not show films outdoors when the weather becomes too cold but we will show films indoors.
We must receive a deposit before the screening appointment to hold your date.
Dates are set up on a first come first serve basis.
In the case of cancellations due to fog, rain or any other reason, deposits are not returned but can be used towards another future movie date.
If you request that we come during chances of rain or fog, full payment must be made, even if the performance cannot be started or finished. Please note that we can not operate electrical equipment in fog or rain unless you have a sheltered area where rain will not touch the electrical equipment. The screen can get wet but the other equipment can not.
Balance of payment must be made before we begin setting up our equipment.
The staff will require full payment even if there are disruptions in performance, due to customer neglience or power failures.
Even though we try our best to minimize any defective parts problems can occur therefore payment is not due if there is any disruption due to our equipment failing from normal wear and tear. The deposit will not be returned but it can be used towards another date.
Prices are based on a maximum of a two hour film running time (give or take a few minutes). We show old style cartoons, drive-in commercial and old style movie trailers before the actual feature begins. This time is not included as part of your two hours. These extras are on us and added on to give you more of an authentic drive-in experience.
For Double features and films going over the two hour maximum there is a separate charge by the hour.
If there is a pool in the viewing area it can not be used while we are projecting the film to avoid any water hitting the electronic equipment.
Since outdoor movies can not start until dusk, it is a wise idea to notify neighbours of the noise that will occur during your viewing.

Create invitations that look like large movie tickets detailing the time and place and the movie being shown.
Have your guests bring pillows, blankets, kiddie cars to sit in and chairs; then situate them so everyone will be able to see the screen. Leave an easy path to the house and snack stand. Plastic ground sheeets are sometimes a good idea as well.
Set up a free snack bar with an old fashioned popcorn maker, beverages, hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza and traditional movie theater fare such as candy and nachos and of course don't forget the bug spray.
For fundraisers get sponsers to share the cost of hiring THE STARLITE BACKYARD DRIVE-IN by displaying their banners or putting them on advertising. Many businesses will gladly supply giveaways that you can use for draws to raise money. Fundraisers should sell food and drinks to raise money just like real drive-ins do.
PLEASE NOTE: Free admission is a must or you will have to purchase a site license from a film distributor.
Successful fundraising initiatives do more than just raise funds. Indeed, with the right event concept, plan and execution, a non-profit organization can accomplish a number of goals, including:
  • creating an enjoyable event that appeals to a wide segment of the public
  • raising awareness of a cause
  • gaining corporate sponsors
  • partnering with area businesses.

The opportunity to present a fresh fundraising idea in your community is another powerful element toward achieving your fundraising goals.


The First Drive-In Theater was invented by Richard M. Hollingshead. Hollingshead worked out the details by hanging a sheet for a screen in his backyard. Richard began to experiment in the driveway of his home at 212 Thomas Avenue, New Jersey.

Richard mounted a 1928 Kodak projector on the hood of his car; he used it to project onto a screen he had nailed to trees in his backyard. He placed a radio behind the screen for sound, and then started the test of his idea. Richard tested sound with the windows up, down and half way. He tested many weather conditions; using his lawn sprinkler he simulated a rainstorm. Richard liked what he saw and heard. By January of 1942 Drive-In theaters had began to spread across the U.S. There we 95 Drive-Ins spread across 27 states. Ohio led the way with 11 Drive-Ins.

By the late 50s the drive-in boom was under way, going from less than 1,000 in 1948 to close to 5,000 by 1958. The drive-in etched its place in history, not just in the U.S.A. but in many countries across the world. During the same years of 1948 to 1958 over 5,000 indoor theaters closed reducing their number from 17,000 to 12,000.

One of the largest Drive-In Theaters was the All-Weather Drive-In, Copiague, New York. parking spaces for 2,500 cars. It also had an indoor 1,200 seat viewing area that was heated and air-conditioned, a playground, a cafeteria, a restaurant with full dinners. A shuttle train that took customers from their cars to the various areas, on the 28 acres.

As the size and number of drive-ins increase, many go from just a playground to: Miniature Trains, Pony Rides, Boat Rides, Talent Shows, Miniature Golf and Animal Shows.

Many theaters would open the gates as much as 3 hours before the movie would start. This allowed customers to bring the kids early. Many theaters began to serve a wide variety of dinners such as Fried Chicken, Barbecued Sandwiches, Hamburgers, Pizza, etc. A few theater owners even gave the customers the ability to order from their car and have a car hop deliver. To increase sales the intermission trailers were invented. Theaters using these gained increased sales between films.

By the late 60s early 70s the hay day is gone; many theaters even pull out their playground equipment in the 70's since few families are attending. Many of the movies target a teen or adult audience.

By the late 80s early 90s drive-ins are being shut down rising land values and the popularity of malls, cable television and VCRs then contributed to the dwindling numbers of drive-ins.

Drive-in popularity began rising again and was on the increase but during this century as gas prices increased attendance dropped in many places but drive-ins still thrive in numerous locations. The use of new digital films by film distributors require expensive digital projector that many drive-in operators will not wish to invest in and may close down operations due to the expense.
Many drive-ins still survive throughout North America by providing affordable double features, a family-friendly atmosphere and a little nostalgia. Even though most drive-ins are located in rural areas many drive-ins still operate well inside the city limits and consistently packing the house on summer weekends.